Social Example is a new revolution Enabling people like you to make a difference
We are innovating to change social work–will you walk the mile with us ?

Who are we?



We develop technology to enable social work



Everything we do is focused to help the underprivileged



We are developing tools that are free to use which will enable you to make the world a better place



Social work needs innovation and we deliver



CSR is important to accelerate social growth



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The core value revolving around our products



Enabling you to work for the betterment of humanity with easy effort.

Social Example exists to create

Poverty management solutions

Technology tools for the underprivileged globally

Develop bleeding age technology products which we intend to distribute to the underprivileged people globally to give access to services like financial services, health care and much more.

Corporate tools for corporate social responsibility

Help corporate and small businesses with CSR in partnership with us which will enable them to save cost, time and effort in addition to increasing their social impact visibility and transparency.

Technology tools for the NGOs to save their costs

Develop high-tech products for NGOs which aims to reduce their operational, management and administrative costs by using our tools. This ensure that their missions are achieved at a faster pace and donated money reaches the underprivileged in greater amounts.

Technology tools for you to help poverty eradication

Develop products for you, the willing person who wants to help the underprivileged.

In the middle of 2020, we intend to make our products available to everyone to join us in our mission to give the underprivileged the chance that they need to live better lives and use their talents to contribute back to society and help us all achieve a world where everyone has hope, education and a minimum standard of living enabling them to build their dreams without the curse of poverty.

Develop sustainable aid programmes

We develop technology and we are a for profit venture to be self sustainable. Yet we are built on social values which means that our core mission is poverty eradication. In line with our founding core social values we support our partner NGO to:

  • Develop social programmes according to Socio-economic business principles with long term target oriented and sustainable results. (Aid or donations cannot remove poverty unless all related aspects of poverty are solved with special emphasis on education, women’s right and constant support.)
  • Our global team of volunteers and partners implements local aid programmes to provide immediate relief as we develop our technology.

Social brands funding our innovation in poverty management




Founder and CEO of Social Example

Our mission is to unleash the power of technology and business to solve social problems such as poverty and its related aspects. I warmly invite everyone to join our initiative and help make the world a more equal and poverty free place to live in. A place where everyone gets the one shot that they deserve without having to worry about the basic necessities of life and continue building great dreams for the betterment of humanity.

I was always passionate about technology and social work. Therefore I decided to create Social Example to give back to society.

Having a flare for innovation and business, I decided to pursue my second masters degree in France and worked simultaneously on developing solutions for poverty management using technology. I was lucky to meet the brightest minds at my university when I formed team Social Example, a dedicated group of individuals coming from diverse backgrounds with industry experience. Importantly, all of them willing to dedicate their passion to doing good for society.

A big thank you to everyone who has believed in me, my team and our solutions.



Social Example


Prospective future CFO at Social Example

Social Example immediately caught my attention as I quickly understood that it is built on the principles of management, technology and innovation which helps solve many standing issues like poverty and its related aspects .

Being the possible future CFO of a company which strives to solve social issues while building a sustainable revenue model in order to remain independent of external influences is truly a challenging and refreshing role which will hopefully give me the opportunity to use my talents in a corporate setting for the benefit of society. I have never looked back since I started working informally with Souvik as he prepares the technology and devleopment.


Shane has excellent investment banking and management work experience and had graduated from one of the top business schools in the world in addition to spending an exchange semester in one of  France’s top business schools where he met the founder of Social Example. We highly appreciate when such minds get together to try and give back to society than follow the traditional corporate careers which business schools offer.

Our future and timeline


Launch of Social Example Technologies’ products

Social Example will be ready for everyone during the middle of 2023.

Our products will be available to you to help make the world a better place and will enable everyone to be socially responsible.

Other events in 2023:

  • Top investors will be able to invest in Social Example to help us scale globally in every country and hire more developers to help us grow and implement.
  • Develop poverty management programmes linked to our technology products


Other goals of 2022

Launch our own NGO to implement our social objectives.

We decided to launch our NGO which will be in charge of implementing many of our social programmes. You can read more about our NGO here. (Update link)

Social Example Technologies is a for profit technology company which uses the power of business principles, management techniques and innovation to create a poverty management system which is under development.

We believe that the problem of poverty is one that cannot be solved efficiently using the traditional not-for profit models that NGOs have to follow. The constrains of such a model and the associated bureaucratic rules and regulations make it difficult to harness the required innovation and flexibility to solve social issues.

Only when we combine the power of corporate management and technology with the good will of an NGO, we may dream of achieving results. Not only will opening our NGO help us legally comply when it comes to social work, opening our own NGO will help us improve Social Example by making us face the challenges experienced by other NGOs. Lets aspire to make it happen.


WelcomeArtist Social Technologies Limited | is born to help fund us

We partnered with WelcomeArtist Social Technologies Limited aka, sales from which fund our technology costs for innovation in poverty management.

Please help support our development by fulfilling your art needs at which is among the world's best website to find spray paint art.

WelcomeArtist Social Technologies Limited aligns with our social mission to create a socially responsible society.

Important highlights:

  • partnership was planned for 2021 launch and we are proud to have achieved it.
  • We plan to help become more socially responsible by helping them with ethical sourcing of products.

Social Example was conceived with the notion of bringing positive change to millions of underprivileged, poor and homeless people across the globe using technology. We are coding behind the scenes and setting up the ground work for a successful implementation.


How it all began


Social Example was born to give deserving people who have a good heart and mind a second chance which life did not give them.

There are thousands of people who share the same open mind that we in the developed part of the world have and many among them are gifted with intelligence and talents barring the conditions that are needed to succeed-An education, minimum living standards and a society which gives them the opportunity to thrive.

We strive to stand specially behind women who are incarcerated just for being a woman and their talents are destroyed using the hypocritical veils of religion and social norms and their future doomed to being a baby machine and house keeping.

3 incidents were key moments which inspired me to create social Example:
  • A certain man without legs who I helped during my school years by donating my pocket money suddenly disappeared. He was a happy and kind man who had to beg as society decided that a cripple like him did not deserve a second chance. Later to my dismay I found that he died from something easily treatable but no one helped him as he was one out of the millions of poor. This made me promise to myself to use my talents to build a system which serves the poor people using technology and ensure that each human life has a value and that there is a system which cares even if the world doe not.
  • A man dropped his money in the railway station one day. Many children came running to pick up the small changes. The man could not stop all of them but caught the youngest one (a very young child) and slapped him. Being from a well to do family, I decided that day I would build a system using whatever means so that people have easy access to money or their needs.
  • Lastly, I was disgusted to see how women who are equal in every way to men, were leading an inferior life even though there was essentially no difference than the physical. This point covers multiple instances where I saw women being forced to leave their jobs after marriage or in some instances not even allowed to join the workforce. I have seen women being called weak (while society itself was responsible to make her so by denying her, her fundamental rights) , being constrained to do what a man could do without any questions asked, being fed with negative words from childhood, female infanticide--the list goes on.Hence, since then I decided to build a system which stands to empower women across the globe who faces these injustice which does not come with a jail term. Social Example will always fight for equality in every respect. Women's rights stand above religion or social norms. Hence, our special global fund for women which will soon be launched in collaboration with our technology products to bring tools to empower.

YOU have the potential to change the world. If you believe that the human mind has the power to change the path of humanity--if you believe that taking a stand can make a difference, then I would encouragingly request you to not let that inner voice drown.

Come and join Social Example and the cause it stands for and let us give change- the best shot that it deserves, using your infinite potentials.



Having met Souvik at university, he offered me a preview and insight into Social Example technologies, its mission and products before going public. I was really excited by the future prospects where I could preview the innovative products which are to launch in 2020.

They indeed have true potentials to bring about a revolution in social work. I was impressed by Souvik’s commitment and enthusiasm and I truly believe that all the team is going to have success. Can’t wait to see the launch of their technology solutions.Good luck SOCIAL EXAMPLE and you have my support for the good initiative.

Giulia Melani, Italy

Giulia Melani, Italy

Anyone who really cares about doing good for the society should seriously give Social Example a chance to succeed in fulfilling their mission by supporting them whole heartedly.

I have never met a more dedicated team who truly cares about doing something meaningful for the society using their talents. Souvik is highly innovative and has the highest motivation to make this happen. Good luck with your mission and am really positive about the potential of your technology solutions to aid the underprivileged.

Social Example is the future of social work.

Tennis Mount, USA

Tennis Mount, USA