Social Example can’t emphasize enough on the importance of education. Children like the one in the picture waste their precious childhood in the streets than in schools. Without education there is no possibility to find a secure job in this highly competitive education sector. This leads to exploitation where they do cheap manual child labour or beg or worse go into prostitution.

This child could have had a good job and could have contributed exceptionally to the society IF given the choice of education.Social Example divided it’s effort according to the age of the person (a 15 year old cannot be asked to start from scratch as by the time she graduates she will be close to 30s which is not an option in poverty).  Young children like the one featured here are given immediate support such that they can go to school. This can only happen if Social Example’s integrated approach solutions are followed as without the all round support (food, clothing, funds etc) these children cannot have the bare minimum conditions which are needed to take up the effort of learning to make a living.

Children in developed economies are often given the best in life to develop their intricate natural abilities while children in the streets are taught the basics of survival.

Our technology will soon enable these children to have a bright future as everyone deserves.

We work by enabling local NGOs to take these children off the street by using our integrated tools and by using our own technology products to give them access to quality teaching materials and guidance.

-Social Example team

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