Food Security

Hunger leads people to desperate measures. It puts people in the streets and instigates a person to become violent, both in society and domestic life. It is the single most cause which leads to premature deaths and has a direct correlation to crime rates and quality of life.

Social Example is developing technologies which help the poor get access to quality food at the right time. Social Example global centers intend to carefully register people who qualify for our programmes. The immediate weak and vulnerable automatically qualify.

An example qualification criteria for young and healthy people being forced to beg could be: Only people who agree to join our vocational training programmes aimed at putting people out of the cyclic poverty cycle in a sustainable manner can register for food during the duration of training and placement. Such programmes are intended to be run in collaboration with our partner NGOs.

Food security is directly linked to our health and living programmes. Social problems cannot be solved by patchwork while neglecting the root causes. Hence, Social Example solutions are highly focused on developing a sustainable solution which can lead a person from helpless and hungry to a life with a vision and mission like the rest of us has.

-Social Example team


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