WelcomeArtist.com is the world’s first online marketplace with a social focus and dedicated to spray paint art (Update: All other art mediums are presently welcome and massive diversity of products can be found) which empowers through its sales revenue a global fund for innovation in poverty management, in partnership with Social Example.

You can find aesthetically beautiful spray paint artwork at a fair price like the ones on the right and be positively assured that your purchase is helping us build the global fund which covers our direct aid programmes and technology development costs.

We empower artists to make a difference to society not only through their work but by transforming the revenue into the power of technology aided real social work.

At WelcomeArtist we signed our 1st partnership with master artist Joel Chavez who spent 28 years of his life in pioneering techniques in the art he believes in.

An Example of his work :

We begin our operations in 2021 and we will crowdfund our global expansion where you can get original works of premium art as a thank you for supporting us. (Find out how)

Visit WelcomeArtist.comnow to find out their amazing collection. Original works are always in limited quantities compared to prints.

We will soon invite other top artists to sell their best art at WelcomeArtist.com . You will benefit from our specially negotiated prices for you while  knowing that your purchase helped us give back to society by building the global fund to hep eradicate poverty and support our technology innovation costs.

Social Example supports micro-enterprises and individuals  with technology in return of partnership agreements to support our ongoing work in poverty management.

The global fund is designated to build the capital required to support our social mission.

Keeping in line with our mission, we enabled socially responsible and willing artists to sell their art online by enabling partnership with WelcomeArtist.com. In the next few weeks, people around the globe can buy their work at WelcomeArtist.com