Women’s right

Women for centuries have been denied equal way of life compared to men. The cost of this has been exceptionally enormous  to humanity and has been a contributing factor to the slow development of the human race as a whole.

50% of our possible productive genius minds have been silenced for centuries. Even now in some parts of the world, their ability to work and have access to quality education stands restricted. Their roles have been confined to homes and raising future minds when they themselves remain utterly illiterate. This leaves them incapable of instilling the values needed which promotes equality and a healthy mind set. Ultimately this determines the quality of life in a society and in a country as a whole.

Social Example stands for the liberty and freedom of all women who are capable of doing anything that lies within the scope of the human mind.

We intend to support our mission by:

  •  By developing our own unique technology products and programmes which enables us to empower women and spread awareness on issues which need to be raised. In 2017, Social Example will launch tools for vulnerable women globally which will aid women where they need access to things denied to them (education, legal aid, health and much more).
  •  By supporting top performing NGOs with our superior technology in order to enable their mission for equality and development which aligns with our core values.

Freedom of women is above any religion, social norms or way of life as this is a liberty women are born with. This right is their fundamental right which stands above any other norm as invented by society or human beings. We came to achieve this and we shall not rest till we achieve our objectives in a measurable, verifiable and sustainable way.

-Social Example for Women’s right

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